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Video:Reality TV Casting Interview Essentials

with Robert Galinsky

To compete with the countless other people at a casting audition, you need to impress the directors within the first 20 seconds of your interview. Learn how to wow everyone by presenting yourself in an interesting and authentic manner.See Transcript

Transcript:Reality TV Casting Interview Essentials

Hi, my name Robert Galinsky and I am the founder and principal of the New York Reality TV School. And, I'm here at NY for Today I am going to talk to you about when you go in front of a casting director how to tell your story with confidence, authenticity, and specificity. When people come to the New York Reality TV School, they don't have a very clear picture on how to portray themselves in front of casting directors for the audition.

The Reality of Reality TV Casting Interviews

Typically, there are thousands of people trying to be noticed at an audition. So, what I want you to do is stand out, you may have 20 seconds to make a first impression, and there's a skill to that, I want you to nail it.

Bad Reality TV Casting Examples

I'm working with two reality hopefuls right here, what I'd like you two guys to do is just introduce yourselves. Tell us who you are and why you'd be good for a reality television show.

"Hi, I'm Puneet Prasad and I'm your best bet for reality TV cause I/m a real person. I'm the full package. I'm like the UPS brown package that's coming to bring reality for you."

"Hi, I'm Cody-Ann. I'm perfect for reality TV, because you know when you're watching those reality TV shows and you see the people that get cast and you're like, why did these people get on? They're not even interesting, you know. But, I'm totally interesting. I've been told I'd be good for ratings. So you want to pick me."

Improving Your Story for Reality TV

Ok, that was terrifically terrible. We talked about being confident, authentic and knowing your story. I don't know anything about you guys except you think you're great. Everybody thinks they're great and that's wonderful. Puneet, confidence. You both were dancing on your feet. Stand firm, stand strong, be authentic.

I don't know anything about you. Turn your hat around. I want to see your face, thank you. But I don't know anything about you. Where you were born, what do your parents do, if it's interesting. Cody, where were you born? And tell me a little bit about the things that - have you won any awards? Tell me a little bit about your life. I need to know specifically, not my friends think I'm cool. You're out there, if your friends think you're cool that's great. I need to know why. If I'm going to cast you, I need to get specific information from you.

In Jamaica, what was it like where you lived? Tell me about the house you lived in. Was it in the country or the city? Can you do a Jamaican dialect? How about you, you sound like you can do hip-hop and pop and lock. You graduated with a 4.8 does that make you super intelligent? Have you traveled? These are the things I need to know. Tell me who you are in 20 seconds or so and why you'd be good for my show.

Specific and Authentic Reality TV Auditions

"Hey what's up, my name is Cody-Ann Palmer, I was born in Jamaica, West Indies… that's my accent. Uh, my house was built on like a 100 degree angle and it was really steep and the saying in my house was, you trip you die. Basically, I was brave for leaving my house every day cause it was such a steep angle and if you fall you're going down. "My grandmother was Japanese, so I got a little kabuki in me. I currently live in Brooklyn, Brownsville, home of Mike Tyson, so you know, I can get a little attitude sometimes. I'm a home girl. "And in high school, I was voted prom queen and most athletic. Now, who does that? Me."

Great, excellent. And you threw in your Grandmother, great. Inspiring, go ahead Puneet.

"Hi there, I am Puneet Prasad. I'm half Indian and half Philipino, so I speak Spanish but I do understand cuss words in both Tagali and Hindi. I graduated with 4.8 so that makes me Albert Einstein basically. I was also born in the ghetto of aleho, the birth place of haifi west coast rap. You can find me popping and locking and flowing back in town all the time, I'm like the bomb, I'm Puneet Prasad."

And now you know what to do too. Practice your story. You can't use vagueries. You've got to speak with confidence, look directly into your camera or into the eye of your auditioner, and speak from your power source, which is your originality.

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