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Video:Tips for Joining an RC Club

with Richard Siriano

RC clubs are a great way to start racing your radio-controlled vehicles. Watch this video to learn more about RC clubs and how to join.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Joining an RC Club

Hello, my name is Richard Siriano from Brooklyn Hobbies for An RC Club is a group of guys and some girls, and it's a good atmosphere. Guys really stick together and it's fun. You get out of the house. You go down, you race, and everybody's talking about just about everything at the track. You have a good time.

How to Join an RC Club

You don't actually have to the join the club, but if you're into it, you want to stop down at one of the facilities and check out the racing and see if you like it. If you like it, you can ask somebody at that place "how do you get into it." And they're most likely going to advise you to go to your local hobby shop and pick up the certain type of car that they run there (or plane). And you'll find most people at the tracks and flying fields will be very helpful. If you're a new guy, and you come down and you don't know much about your plane or your car, somebody will step up and help you.

Resources for Finding RC Clubs

Take the cars for example. There's a club out in New Rochelle, a track called 360. It's an indoor track. It's a about a 15,000-square foot building with a carpet track approximately 100 x 80, which is pretty big for electric cars. And there's a full pit area for people to work on their cars. If you do race at the club, the supporting hobby shops will give you an extra discount. A forum online, RC Tech,, that is all directed toward RC, and they have a track locator, they have everything you want to know about RC is on there. As far as if you're interested in Nitro On Road, if you’re interested in off road, flying ... you can go on there and get a lot of information about your local area, whether it be New York or Florida.

View RC Club Races Online

And there's also something called Live RC. And they will have live video, if the local club has web cams videotaping the event. And they'll also have live scoring, so whatever the computer will be showing for the announcer, you'll be able to see. So a lot of times if we can't make a race, let's say in Florida, and some of our friends are there, and we just want to see whose doing well, we'll have the computer on here and you'll see as that race comes up whose in that race, and it'll show you the lap times and also having a video playing.

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