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Video:Quick Tip: Radio Control vs. Remote Control

with Richard Siriano

Radio control and remote control can be very different. Watch this video to learn about the differences between radio control and remote control so that you know what to buy.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Radio Control vs. Remote Control

Hello, my name is Richard Siriano from Brooklyn Hobbies for About.com.

What Is Remote Control?

A remote control is something that would most likely be infrared, and with the infrared you would have to be in line of sight. Radio control sends out a signal which is pretty much as far as you can see it. For example, infrared helicopters, you have to hold the remote control and aim it toward the helicopter. If you lose sight of it, it will lose the infrared signal and the helicopter will crash or the car will run away.

What Is Radio Control?

In order to keep the prices down, they give you some older technology radios, which is 27 mHz. And just in the past few years they came out with 2.4 gHz, and with 2.4 it's got a hopper system, which will constantly hop looking for a clear channel so nobody will interfere with each other. And it can go up to approximately 50 different channels.

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