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Video:Parts Inside an RC Car

with Fred Beardslee

Wondering what makes RC vehicles cruise at speeds of up to 70 Miles per hour? A lot has to do with what's under the hood. Take a look in this video.See Transcript

Transcript:Parts Inside an RC Car

Hi, my name is Fred Beardslee, I am with Colpar hobbies in Aurora, Colorado, we're with h to talk about the parts inside an RC car.

Design of the RC Car

The parts inside an RC car are going to be similar from one car to another, their function and what they do. But each car is a specific design, so they will require a specific part for that design. However, all the parts do pretty much function the same way, and do the same job.

RC Power System

The first thing you will see is the power system, whether it is nitro, or whether it is electric. if it is electric, you will see a compartment for the battery pack. Then most people will notice the shocks. They have a set of shocks, front and rear, and those are generally oil-filled with a spring around them. Then you have your suspension components, with suspension arms, and then going out, your wheels and tires.

RC Upgrades

Generally, after you buy a car, stock out of the box, there is a variety of options you can do. You can modify the speed of the vehicle by changing what they call the gear ratio. So you can change gears to either allow the car to take-off quick and be very fast at the low-speed end, or you can adjust it so it's faster at the high-speed end.

Also, there are suspension options, different shocks, different springs, and different shock oils that you can use to modify how your suspension behaves. On an electric powered car, you can upgrade the entire power system, so you can put a higher performance motor and battery packs in it. In the nitro ones, after they are broken in, you can increase the nitro content of the fuel, and that will give you more power.

Well the base out of the box, if you are relatively new to the hobby is usually going to give you very good performance. As you get more experience with running your car, as you get around people running cars, you will naturally want to enhance the performance of the car.

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