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Video:How to Care for and Maintain RCs

with Fred Beardslee

Running your RC vehicles at speeds of up to 70 Miles an hour can take a toll on your engine parts. Learn how to care for your RC vehicle in this informative video.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Care for and Maintain RCs

Hi, my name is Fred Beardslee, I am with Colpar Hobbies in Aurora, Colorado, and I am here with, here to talk about how to care for and maintain RCs.

Clean Your RC

The most important thing you should do to care for your RC is to keep it clean. Dirt gets in there, it will increase the wear on parts. Run it anywhere you want, get it in the dirt and mud, but when you are done, clean it, that is probably the most important thing you can do. It could entail, simply brushing off the dirt in your car, it also could entail a little more aggressive cleaning with some cleaning solutions, especially if you have a nitro car.

Check the Air Filter and Gears

The air filter is incredibly important to keep clean in a nitro vehicle. You want to look for wear. Gears will wear; suspension components will wear, and once they start wearing they get slop in them, and then that degrades your performance and eventually will probably cause the part to completely break. If that were to break, perhaps you could break something else, that had you replaced it, it wouldn't have broken.

For example, if the motor were to come loose in the vehicle, you are going to start stripping gears. If it was adjusted properly, and kept adjusted properly, you would not have any damage. As things get out of adjustment, then damage can occur to the parts.

Use Tools and Cleaning Solutions for RC Vehicles

Anybody with a radio controlled car should have a set of tools, including medium screw drivers, you also need Allen sets, nut drivers. There's a lot of companies that make tool sets for RC cars, and those are some things as you get into RC vehicles, you really should have and invest in, as well as cleaning solutions. 

Thank you for watching, and for more information about RCs, please visit us at         

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