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Video:Learn Breakdancing Footwork

with Joey Corsica

The six-step is basic breakdancing footwork that looks fly, but can be mastered with just a little practice. Watch how to get started breakin' with the six-step.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn Breakdancing Footwork

Hi, I am Joey Corsica from New York Partner Dance at rhythm break studios here for Today we are going to show you, basic footwork, that's a six step. Let's give it a try.

Breakdancing Footwork Positioning

To begin with, let's start by dropping down to the floor. Extend your right leg to the side. Drop your left hand to the floor to support your weight. Swing it around across the left, drop your right hand down, underneath your body. Take your left foot back and out to create a tripod with your right foot, your left foot and your right hand.

The Six-Step

As you hold your weight, place your right foot through and extend it to the back. To create this tripod again, drop the left hand down to the floor. Lift your right hand up, take your left leg and swing it through, creating that tripod once again, with your left leg, right leg, and left hand. Take your right leg, pull it in and tuck underneath your body, supporting your weight.

Take your left leg, swing it out, around, pull it in underneath your body to support your weight again, and you've now completed your six step.

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