How to Rap With Ice-T: Definition of Rap vs. Hip-Hop Video
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Video:How to Rap With Ice-T: Definition of Rap vs. Hip-Hop

with Ice-T

Rap and hip-hop, while often used interchangeably, mean two very different things. In this video, Ice-T, the legendary rapper and director of "The Art of Rap," explains the difference between rap and hip-hop.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Rap With Ice-T: Definition of Rap vs. Hip-Hop

Hip Hop Vs. Rap

The Art of Rap is a comprehensive view of rap but not hip hop. What's the difference between the two?

Basic Differences Between Hip Hop and Rap

Ok well the reason we didn't try to do a thing on hip hop is, see, rap is vocal delivery, hip hop is a culture. So anybody can rap, ya know, like Big Daddy Kane said, "if you rhyme cat with hat you can be considered a rapper."

How Did Hip Hop Begin?

The culture of hip hop was a movement that started over 20 years ago, 25 years ago in the south Bronx that incorporates 5 elements: the DJ, the dancer--break dancer, street dancer, graffiti artist, the MC--the rapper, and then the 5th which is the knowledge of it all and how it connects.

Why Focus on Rap Independently of Hip Hop?

That's why we seperated it because I wanted to concentrate on MCing or rapping. And ah taking it from where I was introduced to it through the pioneers that came before me all the way up to current artists like Eminem, Kanye--just give people a real understanding that this was something that came from nothing. You know, when I started rapping, nobody had bought a car yet from it to something now that's making multimillions of dollars as part of global culture cus people rap in every language, in every country.

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