Breakdance Swipes - Learn How to Do Breakdancing Swipes Video
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Video:Breakdancing Swipes

with Joey Corsica

You've seen this move before, but it's time to stop watching and start breakin'. Learn how to do swipes.See Transcript

Transcript:Breakdancing Swipes

Hi, I'm Joey Corsica from New York Partner Dance at Rhythm Break Studios - here for Today we're going to go over the swipes. That's a power move for break dance. Let's give it a try.

Breakdancing Swipes

We're going to start by dropping down to the floor - we can do this from footwork or standing. We can do this from the floor. We're going to take our body and we're going to extend as if you're entering into a bridge. Both arms on the floor, extend your pelvis and your hips straight up towards the ceiling, make sure your pelvis lifts as high as it possibly can, because it will drop as you do them. Lift up high. Take your right hand and dive it down and through.

This action is very similar to a move called the coin drop. We're going to take the right hand down and drive it through to the floor. Once again, take the right hand and drive it down through to the floor. Once your hand reaches the floor, dive it under your body, through as far as possible. Lift and jump with your hips and legs, to rotate.

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