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Video:Rotary Cutting

with Linda Warren

See these tips for safe and accurate rotary cutting. This technique will prove helpful in creating high quality, precise cuts.See Transcript

Transcript:Rotary Cutting

Hi my name is Linda Warren at Valley Fabrics in Northampton, MA.

Rotary Cutting

Today we are going to go over rotary cutting.

Supplies for Rotary Cutting

What you going to need is rotary cutter, a rotary ruler and a self-healing mat.

Tips for Using a Roller Cutter

Anytime you are not actually making a cut you want this covered, because it basically a razor blade in the shape of a circle.

Best Practices When Using a Roller Cutter

I am going to start out cutting strips, a lot of patterns use strips or squares you can from strips.

You want to trim off one edge if you want to do that evenly line up any one of these lines, when I make this cut it will be exactly straight.

You want your fingertips to be about inch from the edge, that way if you slip you want to have a little leeway.

As you cut you want to walk your hand up the ruler as you cut. So now I have a nice clean edge that is perpendicular to the fold.

Now I line my measuring line and cut the same way on the other side. and there is my strip

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