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Video:Quilting Thread 101

with Anita Grossman Solomon

If you're new to quilting, then one of the first things you'll need to know is what type of thread to use, and when. Learn all about quilting thread, and see a few tips and tricks from a professional.See Transcript

Transcript:Quilting Thread 101

Hi, I am Anita Grossman Solomon. I write quilt books and I teach here at the City Quilter and across the country, and I am here to show you some tips about thread.

Piercing Quilting Thread

I like to tell beginning quilters a few things about thread. There are two different styles of thread for piecing. There is thread that we call cross-wound, and thread that is wound onto the spool in a diagonal fashion. If you notice the cross-wound thread, you can see the pattern of the threads and the way it is wound up and then down gradually, over the spool.

This happens to be called variegated thread, because it blends in color and you can see the winding marks on it more easily. This thread is wound onto the spool in a zig-zag fashion and you can see from the remnants of this piece how it is wound on the spool. i like using this manner of thread in my sewing machine, because I think it feeds off the spool more easily and I get a better stitch.

Quilting Thread Tip

By the way, when I am almost out of a spool of thread - that is the thread I use to wind a bobbin - sometimes I keep my bobbins on a spool with a plastic attachment or with an ordinary pipe cleaner. When thread is fresh on the spool, there are virtually no crease marks on it. But as thread gets used up, what's remaining has little creases, because the thread that was on the spool before it has pressed into it -- and these little crinkles or wrinkles sometimes affect my stitch.

Hand Quilting Thread

On another note, is hand quilting thread. As a new quilter, if you see hand quilting thread and think that you could put it in the sewing machine - that would be a huge mistake. There is a glaze, a finish, on thread to make it flow through your hand sewing needle more easily. And that glaze, if it comes into contact with the tension disks on your sewing machine, can gum up the sewing machine.

So, when you see tools marked quilting, you need to know if it is for hand quilting, machine quilting, piecing, or applique. But in any case, do not put hand quilting thread in your sewing machine spool. Use it only for your hand quilting.

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