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Video:Quilt Border Patterns

with Becki Stratton

Our quilting expert showcases a few types of quilt border patterns. See these popular different types of quilt border patterns.See Transcript

Transcript:Quilt Border Patterns

Hi, I'm Becki Stratton, for About.com. Today we're going to talk about borders to use on quilts.

Types of Quilt Border Patterns

Let's take a look at some of the different borders that we can create on quilts. There are many to choose from.

Border Patterns for Beginners

This quilt is a great beginner quilt. It has two borders. One is the purple inner border that you see; it's smaller and that frames the blocks that you put together. The outside border is wider, and it is just a simple strip of fabric that is sewn onto the quilt.

Piece Border

This quilt has a piece border. The border is made from pieces, sewn together. They do not all have to be the same size, they can be your own creation. It can be any size as long as the top and bottom go on first, and then you put the sides on.

Pinwheel Border

This quilt has a pinwheel border. The pinwheels are made as blocks. They are then added to the strips of fabric for the border, which allows for nice quilting between the pinwheels, to give it a nice, effective look.

Mitered Corners

This quilt has mitered corners. The corners are made by joining two pieces of fabric at a forty-five degree angle, which gives them a look like a picture frame.

Dogtooth Border

This quilt has a dogtooth border. It is a stripped piece border made of triangles, and can be done with scraps or co-ordinated fabrics.

Scalloped Border

This quilt has a scalloped border. It was made by creating the squares that you see, sewing them together, and once that is done, drawing your scalloped shape onto the fabric and cutting it. You do need to do a biased binding for this kind of quilt.

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