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Video:Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

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A quarter inch seam allowance connect two or more pieces of fabric or other material with minimal extra bulk. Learn this essential technique that will prove handy for nearly every quilting project.See Transcript

Transcript:Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

Hi, my name is Melanie Tuazon from melintheattic.com, here for About.com to demonstrate how to sow a quarter inch seam allowance. 

Materials Needed

Quarter inch seams are used in most quilting patterns because the tiny seam allowances when pressed don't create too much bulk.

To sew a quarter inch seam, you will need your machine and some thread, some scrap fabric, I am using 4 inch squares, tape measure so that you can measure and see how accurate your seam is, and then something to guide your fabric to a quarter of an inch on your machine.

There are quarter inch presser feet for your machine that have a guide or you can use a piece of electrical or masking tape to mark the quarter inch mark on your bob encasing or underneath the presser foot.

At the Sewing Machine

So what I am going to do is take my fabric and use these guides to sew a quarter of an inch away from the edge of the fabric. Then, you can use your measuring tape to see how close you got to a quarter of an inch. I am just at a scant quarter of an inch which is used by a lot of quilters to create just a slightly larger piece gives you the luxury of cutting for precision later on.

Press the Fabric

Next, I'll press. When I lay it flat, I will measure one more time. Since these were 4 inch squares, the finished product should be 7 1/2", I'm at slightly larger than 7 1/2" which is great because it gives the luxury of being able to trim it down and make it extra precise when it comes to piecing the rest of the top of the quilt.  

Thank you for watching. For more information, go to: quilting.about.com. 

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