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Video:How to Quilt As You Go

with Janet Wickell

Quilting as you go is a convenient way of quilting by working block to block. See how it works and the benefits of quilting as you go.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Quilt As You Go

Hi, I'm Janet Wickell your Guide to Quilting at About.com. I'm at the City Quilter in New York today with Mary Butler. Mary is a member of the Empire Quilters Guild. She's working on a reproduction quilt that the guild has made for the Dykeman Museum Farmhouse in Manhattan.

Benefits of Quilting As You Go

Mary mentioned that this quilt was assembled using the quilt as you go technique. Can you tell us a little bit about that and some of the benefits?

Well, as far as I am concerned the benefits are terrific. Quilt as you go is taking segments, in this case a block of the quilt, which you treat as a mini-quilt. So, in this case being appliqué, the appliqué was done first – then it was batted and backed and quilted. And we did 20 of these individually.

Joining Block to Block

Then, in this case, they are sashed, or put together with joins. And those joins are then quilted. You can quilt as you go by joining block to block, you can join in with narrow sashing , wide sashing, that's again part of the pattern or design. And again, you can take this with it's you know very portable. It's very easy and again you finish in a way I think more quickly because you're not struggling with this weight of a lot of the top and the back and the batting. And of course it fits through the machine.

Now, when you get to the very end, for instance, when I put this on, I really have to hold the whole quilt over my shoulder to run this. Now I did this on the machine. Put the borders and sashing on by machine. Otherwise we'd be here into the next century.

Quilting As You Go Technique

You take the segments of the quilt, you treat them as mini-quilts. And then you put them together to make the entire piece. So this is a good example of how people can come together and make a quilt and they might think their blocks are very different when you first stack them up and bring them in to sew together but once the quilts together it becomes a whole project and you don't notice the little irregularities.

Right, and that I think is part of the charm because that's the way theory did it in the old days. I always wished that I could show you the shreds of the original quilt that came to the museum in 1916. The blocks are different sizes, the sashing is different sizes, the quilting stitches are different sizes, but it looks wonderful when you see how it's finished. Because on the bed nobody's gonna come with a magnifying glass.

Consistency in Quilting

And I think that's one of the biggest things I hear about for people who are learning to hand quilt. They are very nervous that they're stitches aren't real tiny, they think they have to do 12 stitches to the inch. Where really the big thing is just consistency. Absolutely.

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