How to Create a Four-Patch with Strip Piecing Video
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Video:How to Create a Four-Patch with Strip Piecing

with Linda Warren

Strip piecing is a common quilting technique used to create four-patches. Learn how to make a four-patch by following this strip-piecing video tutorial.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a Four-Patch with Strip Piecing

Hi, My name is Linda Warren. I am at Valley Fabrics in Northampton, MA. Today we are going to go over strip piecing.

You are going to start with some strips, in this case I have two half inch strips, if your doing a pattern it will tell you how wide to do the strips. In this case I have two and half inch strips, I'm going to take two that I like together, contrasting colors, you know a dark and a light. That will show up against each other. I am going to put them right sides together and line up the edges, you're going to take them to the machine and you going to sew, the 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Strip Piece Slowly and Accurately

Start sewing slowly, don't zoom through, because that's where you going to get uneven. If your pattern doesn't tell which way to press your seam allowance, press towards the dark. The reason being the seam allowance can show through some lighter fabrics, especially if you are using a white padding and you don't want it to show through, so I am just going finger press it today.

Cut Strip Piece into Segments

So once you have your strip set sewn like that you can cut segments from it, because, I use two half inch strips, if I want to make a four patch from this strip set, I'm going to cut two half inch segments.The same size segment as the size of the strip I started with, that's the formula, same size, very simple. Cut one....Cut two.....Now if I sew those together turning one around, sewing them together I get a four patch.

Make the Four Patch

I can go ahead and do that, notice that I pressed towards dark when I put these together, the seam allowances will be automatically go in opposite directions and that seam will nest very nicely. I am finger pressing that seam, until I am getting close to the presser foot, if I notice the seam allowances coming up I can move the presser foot to move them down. When I press that I get a four patch.

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