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Video:Hand Quilting Techniques

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In this video, learn three hand quilting techniques for basic beginning quilting that will guide you towards making easy, beautiful quilts.See Transcript

Transcript:Hand Quilting Techniques

Hand Quilting Techniques

Hello, My name is Autumn Wintersgill from Knitting In The Red for About.com and today I'm going to talk to you about Hand Quilting Techniques. 

We're going to talk about three beginning techniques for quilting and we're going to need the following supplies: we will need a thimble, a quilting sharp, quilting thread, quilting pins, a marking pencil, and a ruler as well as your quilting project.

Running Stitch Technique

So the first technique is the running stitch. You will insert your needle through the bottom of the fabric to hide the tail and then you will begin making your running stitch by simply inserting the needle through the top of the fabric and catching small amounts of the bottom layer of the fabric each time you make a stitch, then pull your needle through all of your stitches and continue your running stitch.

Tunneling Technique

The next technique is the tunneling technique. You'll be making very small increments between each of your stitches and you'll be trying to keep the needle parallel to the surface of the fabric the whole time.

Rocking Stitch Technique

The third technique is the rocking stitch technique and you'll need your thimble for this one. So you'll need to insert  your needle straight up and down perpendicular to your fabric with your thimble on top and then you'll rock your needle to the side to catch the stitch and with your thumb push the needle  through the fabric. Then rock the needle back up to the perpendicular position and continue rocking the needle from straight up and down to flat on its side each time to catch the small stitches and pull the needle through.

With these three techniques you'll be able to accomplish a lot as a beginning quilter.  Again my name is Autumn Wintersgill.  For more information, visit About.com.

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