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Video:How to Make Half-Square Triangles

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Half square triangle units are squares made up of two triangles- each triangle occupies half of the square's space. Learn this essential quilting technique in just a few easy steps.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Half-Square Triangles

Hi, my name is Beth Rowan. I'm the owner of Rock Paper Scissors in Montclair, NJ and I'm here for to show you how to make half-square triangles. 

Necessary Materials

To get started, you'll need a rotary cutter, a self-healing mat, an acrylic ruler, a sewing machine, some kind of marking pen or pencil, an iron and an ironing board, and of course your fabric.

Initial Cuts

The first thing you want to do is cut your fabric into blocks. The blocks are always 7/8th of an inch larger than the finished size that's required by your quilt pattern. So, I have already cut these two blocks. We are going to put them right sides together and on the lighter of the two fabrics, we are going to start by lining up our ruler exactly at the two points. I am going to draw a line.

The next step is to draw a line on either side of your first diagonal line that is a quarter of an inch apart. So, now I have three diagonal lines on my fabric and I will stitch on my two quarter inch lines.

Sew & Press

So, first down one, then we will do the other. So, now I have two parallel lines sewn onto my fabric. I'll just snip these little threads. I'll go back to the mat and my rotary cutter and taking the acrylic ruler, I am going to line it back up on that initial line that connects the two corners. I am just going to make a nice, clean cut and what I have is two half-square triangles.

We take that to the ironing board, you lay your block dark side up and press that to the darks, were the seam is toward the dark side and it's really a press, nice and flat. That will give me two, beautiful half-square triangle blocks. 

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