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Video:How to Get to JFK via Public Transportation

with Donald Daedalus

Getting to JFK from Manhattan by public transportation can seem daunting and expensive if you aren't familiar with all the options. Get ideas for different ways to get to JFK, like bus, train, or subway, in this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Get to JFK via Public Transportation

Hi, I'm Donald Daedalus for In today's video I'm going to tell you how to get from Manhattan to JFK airport, using public transportation.

Taking a Taxi to JFK

There are basically three ways to get from Manhattan to JFK airport: By taxi, by airport shuttle, or by MTA bus, subway, or the Long Island Railroad. By taxi is the most expensive and can be the fastest, depending on traffic. As of 2012, the flat rate from Manhattan to JFK is $52 plus any tolls. These rates occasionally do change, so please check online for the most recent rate.  

Taking a Shuttle from Manhattan to JFK

There are numerous companies that offer shuttle service from Manhattan to JFK. The NYC Airporter departs every 30 minutes from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Grand Central Station and Penn Station. The fare is currently $16 and includes free wifi. Additionally, if you're staying in a hotel in Midtown, between 23rd and 63rd street,  they offer complimentary shuttle van from Grand Central Terminal.  

How to Take a Train to JFK

From Penn Station, you can take the Long Island Railroad to Jamaica Station and connect with the JFK air train. The Long Island Railroad ticket ranges from $6.25 to $15 depending if you buy it at the station or on board the train and if its peak or off peak pricing. You pay an additional $5 for the air train. From Penn Station, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the air train and you won't have to worry about traffic on the freeway. There are bathrooms aboard, and the train is above ground, so you can use your phone. One disadvantage is the lack of space aboard the train for lots of luggage.  

How to Take a Bus or Subway to JFK

The MTA buses and subways can be used to get to JFK, most easily by connecting to the JFK air train. A single ride on a bus or subway is $2.25; a separate $5 ticket is required for the air train. You can take the E, J or Z train to Jamaica station and connect to the air train, or the A train toward Far Rockaway and get off at Howard Beach Station, where you can also connect to the air train. The air train comes every 7 minutes on peak periods, and 10 or 15 minutes off peak.

The Cheapest Way to Get to JFK

The slowest and least expensive way to get to JFK airport is to take the Q10, Q3 or B15 bus to Terminal 5 and get on the air train. You pay the $5 air train fare only at Jamaica Station and Howard beach. Moving between terminals is free of charge.  

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