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Video:How to Solve Word Search Puzzles

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Our expert shares tips on how to solve word search puzzles. See these helpful instructions for how to solve word search puzzles faster and easier.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Solve Word Search Puzzles

Hi, I'm Meghan Lynn Allen for to shares some tips with you on solving word search puzzles.

First Step for Solving Word Search Puzzles

You want to look first at the list of words. They're usually alphabetical from A to Z. Perhaps not every letter will have a word under it - this one, for example, starts with B. The word is "bestseller list." Under that letter B, throughout the puzzle, I'm looking to the left, right, up, and down of that letter to see if bestseller list - my long word - will fit, if I'll find it in that line; and also if that next letter after B is E, and then S, and then T. I'll go through each line until I find bestseller list.

Second Step for Solving Word Search Puzzles

Don't just stick to that list in order from A to Z. Look for words on the list that have unusual letters. For example, hyena has a 'y.' Maybe not that many words in the puzzle have the letter y inside of them. Then I'll look through the grid - across, left to right, right to left, up and down, down to up, looking for that y and looking for the rest of the word: hyena.

Third Step for Solving Word Search Puzzles

As you find your words in the word search puzzle, be sure that you circle them, and also, look at the list at the left or right of the puzzle with the word bank, and cross off that word that you found. That way, you won't be searching for a word that's already circled.

Tips for Solving Word Search Puzzles

And here's a special tip: if you're looking for a word with the letter Q in it, and there's no U next to it, it's probably not for you.

Keep your eye out for circular letters in your puzzle words, like O, D, and Q. Those letters pop out of the page at your eye, so if you have a word with two Os like bookkeeping, look for those words in the puzzle - two Os next to each other to help you find that word.

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