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Video:How to Put a Collar on a Puppy

with Annie Grossman

Dog collars are important to a puppy's health and identification, in case they get lost, however getting a puppy used to a collar requires some patience. Learn how to put a collar on a puppy in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Put a Collar on a Puppy

Hi, I'm Annie Grossman. I'm co-owner of School for the Dogs in Manhattan, and I'm here for with this beautiful puppy Belle, to talk about how to put a collar on a dog.

Why Dog Collars are Important for Your Puppy

This is just a regular clip collar for a dog. It should be however something that is comfy and easy. . . Click!. And it shouldn't be too tight. If it's too tight you can worry about them choking on it and being uncomfortable, if it's too loose, you'll definitely worry about them getting out of it. So just about right I can fit some of my hand under it here.

Dogs should always wear a collar even if they are not being walked on the collar. It's like underwear for them. It's important that your dog's collar have their name on it and your phone number. It's so important that your dog has a collar even if you are not ever gonna walk the dog on the collar, even if you're in a rural area because that is the place where you are gonna attach your dog's identification and if they get loose that's the best way someone has to contact you that they have your dog. It's also just a sign that “Hey, someone owns this dog, it's not a stray dog”.

How to Get Your Dog Used to a Dog Collar

So you want your dog to really like the collar, a nice way to introduce your dog to the collar is just to show it to her. . . “Yes!”, and when she touches it, I'm gonna give her a treat even if she just hardly touches it. [Kiss noise] “Yes!” . . . “Yes!” I'm just creating a nice association between the collar and the treat [kiss noise] “Yes. . . there you go.” Some dogs might be a little scared of their collar at first, “Yes!”, and this is a way to get them used to it.

Using a Harness Instead of a Dog Collar

This is a harness; it's called The Easy Walk. You can also use this instead of a collar, just make sure your dog always has it on if this is gonna be what they are wearing instead of the collar. It's much better for walking them in general; you'll be less worried about your dog slipping out of it because it does go around their chest and shoulders.

To put it on correctly you want to hold it up like this so the two pieces are hanging down, the label should be on your left. And then . . . putting it around, clipping it in back. “What's this thing, what's this crazy thing?” And it clips under her. So you want to put your collar on your puppy early. It can be 6 weeks, 8 weeks, not long after you get your puppy you want them to get used to it, to feel real comfortable in their collar.

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