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Video:How to Clip a Puppy's Nails

with Annie Grossman

Trimming a puppy's nails is imperative to the life of your furniture and wood floors. Learn how to get a puppy used to getting their nails trimmed in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Clip a Puppy's Nails

Hi I'm Annie Grossman. I'm a dog trainer with School for the Dogs in New York City, and I'm here for to talk about trimming your puppy's nails.

Trimming Your Puppy's Nails

This is something you're gonna want to do when your puppy is little still so they get used to it. This can be a funny feeling for them. This is a nail clipper for dogs. When you cut the dog's nail, you really just want to cut off the very tip, like a millimeter or two millimeters. When in doubt, cut less. Dogs have a quick in their nails and if you cut too much of it, it will bleed, so you don't want to do that.

As dogs get older, especially dogs that walk on pavement, their nails will generally file themselves. You may need to get them cut at the vets a couple times a year. A lot of nail clippers will come with styptic powder which is in case they do bleed. And that's just a little bit of powder that you can put on that will help the blood coagulate.

Getting Your Puppy Used to Nail Clippers

This set also comes with a little nail file, which you can use if there's just a rough edge that you want to even out. I'm just getting her used to the feeling, I'm not accomplishing a whole lot here, but that's okay. I just want her to be alright having this around her paws.

And I'm gonna give her a little treat so that she has some a good associations between getting her nails handled and these products. When you're clipping your dog's nails, first you can just get them used to the object. “Look, yes!” So I'm rewarding her just for touching it. I want her to just like this object. So even before I'm cutting her nails, I'm just gonna have it near her paw. And I'm gonna give her a little treat for being so nice and letting me touch her paw with the clipper, right? “Good girl!”

So these have been tips on how to trim your puppy's nails. For more information, visit

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