What Is the Concrete Operational Stage of Cognitive Development? Video
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Video:What Is the Concrete Operational Stage of Cognitive Development?

with Dr. Robert Reiner

The concrete operational stage of cognitive development is part of Piaget's theory regarding the cognitive development of children. This video from About.com will explain the concrete operational stage in more detail.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is the Concrete Operational Stage of Cognitive Development?

My name is Dr. Robert Reiner from Behavioral Associates in New York, talking about the concrete operational stage of development, which came out of the work of Swiss psychologist, Piaget.

Meaning of Concrete Operational Stage of Cognition

This particular stage is around the ages of 7 to 11. It's an age where children begin to acquire a concrete, relatively advanced stage of thinking, but they're still not capable of non-concrete, or abstract thinking. An example of abstract thinking might be: What does this expression mean?

Example of Concrete Vs. Abstract Thinking

An example might be: "Shallow brooks are often noisy". A child in a concrete stage would not be able to see anything beyond the literal or concrete pieceof that sentence. It's the idea that that might relate to people who might be extremely verbal and lacking depth at the same time, you know, big mouths, is not something that an 8 year old might really comprehend. So while at this particular stage, between 7 and 11, children can become remarkably advanced at concrete operations, they're still not able to grasp more abstract type of concepts.

If you need more information about Piaget's work on concrete stages of cognition, ages 7 -11, then go to About.com.

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