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Video:What Are the Most Common Phobias?

with Jane Fendelman

Phobias can be debilitating and can take on any form. In this psychology video from About.com, learn about the most common phobias, where they come from, and how to face them.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are the Most Common Phobias?

Hi, this is Jane Fendelman with About.com and this video is about phobias. What are the most common phobias?

Phobia of Public Speaking

Some research says the number one, top phobia, is public speaking above the number two phobia which is considered to be a fear of death. Public speaking is frightening for people, probably because of trauma they sustained in grammar school, standing up in front of the classroom and being made fun of by their peers. This is a great phobia to overcome, and the only way through it is to do it. Practice little by little, and the more you do it, the more you will be able to.

Phobia of Death

The number two phobia, in some circles they say, is death. Death is inevitable, and the Tibetan book of the dead says to think or talk about death every day so when it comes knocking at your door you can greet it like an old friend. There are many philosophies and religions with explanations of death that can be reassuring. And even if you don't have a philosophy or an explanation about it you can look around and see it everywhere in nature.

Other Common Phobias 

Some other common phobias are: fear of spiders, dogs, elevators, flying in an airplane. We have to realize that a phobia is a story that we tell ourselves. It's not the truth, it may be a truth, yes the world is dangerous, but if you walk around thinking that all the time you wont live your life. When you start to tell yourself your scare story and getting into your phobia realize that it's simply another way of avoiding love. You're busy. You can't give and receive love. You're busy worrying about a thing that's not actually happening.  

Techniques to Get Over Phobias

Self-soothing techniques, and learning how to speak to yourself in order to calm yourself down can be very effective. It's really good to step outside of your comfort zone. That'll give you a fuller life.  Be willing to take risks, do new things.  Hold a tarantula spider in your hand. Just be with the fear. It's very natural, and keep on breathing. Take deep breaths. Move through it. You'll be excited and proud, and you'll have loads more energy afterwards to do with whatever you want, instead of living a small life in a box where you're scared all the time. 

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