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Video:What Are Industrial-Organizational Psychology Careers?

with Dr. Robert Reiner

Thinking about a career in Industrial-Organizational Psychology? This psychology video from About.com breaks down what Industrial-Organization Psychologists do and how to become one.See Transcript

Transcript:What Are Industrial-Organizational Psychology Careers?

I'm Dr. Robert Reiner from New York City: Behavioral Associates. I'm going to talk to you about industrial psychology and careers in industrial psychology.

What is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist?

An industrial psychologist: They're usually PhD level psychologists who work for corporations, or they work for industry. It's very similar to what you'd expect from the name. Industrial psychologists typically do things like assess job performance. An industrial psychologist might be asked to learn about employees attitudes towards an up and coming change in corporate culture.

Industrial Psychologists Mediate Disputes

On the other hand, an industrial psychologist might be asked to mediate a dispute between two directors in a company or get involved if two competing groups within a company were at odds about something. Using the psychological or therapeutic skills acquired in grad school would certainly come in handy in that situation.

Industrial Psychologists in Academia

Referring to industrial psychology, you're referring to the role of the psychologist as in any piece of industrial or corporate life. The other part of what industrial psychologists do: instead of working for a company they may choose to go into academia and teach other graduate students how to become industrial psychologists.

Industrial Psychologists Assess Employees

Industrial psychologists can work in areas of assessing how productive employees are, they may assess how happy or well-adjusted employees are using testing skills. They can sometimes put together instruments or testing devices to measure why a particular personality trait is desired in a particular area of a particular company.

It may be that highly competitive people: A personality trait easily identified in psychological research is an advantage in one division of a company and not so much so in another division. So the assessment skills that a lot of industrial psychologists, or all psychologists develop clinically, can certainly be transferred to an industrial setting.

My name is Dr. Reiner, we've been talking about industrial psychology. If you have anymore questions, go to About.com.

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