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Video:Three Types of Psychology Research

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Want to learn about the different types of psychology research? Here, see helpful information about psychology research.See Transcript

Transcript:Three Types of Psychology Research

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss three types of psychology research.

Information About Types of Psychology Research

Causal research, descriptive research and relational research: three basic types of research in the field of psychology. Let's turn first to causal research.

Facts About Types of Psychology Research

When people think of scientific experiments, research on cause and effect often come to mind, exploring causal research of one or more variables on one or more outcome variables. Causal research explores the effect that one thing has on another thing, and specifically, the effect that one variable has on another variable. The research is used to measure the impact a specific change will have on norms, and allow market researches to predict scenarios on which a company can base its business plan. But causal research isn't just used in marketing research. It's also used in other ways with human interaction, such as altering the amount of treatment a subject receives, and measuring it's impact among study patients.

Basics of Psychology Research

Descriptive research seeks out what already exists among a group or population. For example, you might poll somebody about who they think might get elected in the next presidential election. Unlike causal research, where you alter the outcome to see what will happen, in this case, it already exists in a group or population. Descriptive research - also known as statistical research - generally answers the questions who, what, where, why and how.

Psychology Research Studies

A study that investigates the relationship between two or more variables is considered Relational research. In general, these variables already exist within a group or population. For instance, a study that looks at the proportion of males or females who purchased either a jazz or classical CD would be a study looking at the relationship between musical preferences and gender.

Many research projects have a general research structure that includes causal, descriptive and relational research. They complement each other and sometimes give the subject the whole picture.

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