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Video:How to Make Tables in APA Format

with Hollie Hancock

Tables are an important way of conveying data in APA formatted work. This video from will explain how tables are used in the APA format.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Tables in APA Format

Hi, I'm Hollie Hancock, here today with to discuss and give you some pointers on how to make tables in your APA formatted documents or research.

Meaning of APA Formatting

Now, just a refresher, APA stands for American Psychological Association and the bible for how to cite and how to reference in APA formatting is the 6th edition of the American Psychological Association's Publication Manual. So that is the go-to book when you are looking for how to properly cite and reference materials in your documents.

Using Tables in APA Format

Generally speaking, tables and figures enhance the content of your paper or manuscript and these tables or graphs can be included in the body of your text. However, if these tables and/or figures are lengthy and distracting, they should be placed in the appendices.

Example of a Table in APA Format

For example, if there is just a certain piece of the data that you want to highlight in a certain section of your work, maybe take a snapshot of a that piece of data, insert it in your text, and then include the rest of the data and the rest of the table in its full content in the appendices. Within the text, tables should be referred to by a number. When explaining the table, only an overview of the respective material should be included.

I'm Hollie Hancock with Thanks for stopping by and listening to what it takes to properly format a table in your APA document. Just keep in mind that there is more information online from on how to properly cite and format in APA, but your best bet is to go to the 6th edition of The American Psychological Association's Publication Manual for all of your answers. Thanks for watching.

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