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Video:Careers in Behavioral Psychology

with Dr. Robert Reiner

Careers in behavioral psychology can range from experimental psychology research to legal consultation to client therapy. Learn more about career opportunities available in behavioral psychology in this video.See Transcript

Transcript:Careers in Behavioral Psychology

I’m Dr. Robert Reiner from Behavioral Associates in New York City. I’m going to talk to you about behavioral careers in the profession of psychology.

Career Options in Behavioral Psychology

A behavioral psychologist can do a number of different things. Pretty much, the sky is the limit. You can teach and do research in an academic setting on behavioral psychology. That might mean experimental psychology, clinical psychology. Behavioral psychology is such a broad term. It could be doing the clinical type of work where you see patients in an effort to ease the burden on patients’ lives. But, it also might be more of a positive kind of thing.

There’s a new movement in behavioral psychology known as positive psychology. It was authored by Marty Seligman, and instead of focusing on a disease or medical model kind of approach, this takes a more positive approach. It studies things like courage and ambition and empathy. So, the goal in positive psychology, which is a province of behavioral psychology, is to take something that’s good and make it even better.

Behavioral Psychologist in Legal Cases

Other things that a behavioral psychologist might do could be testifying in court, being an expert witness. It’s something that I’ve done several times. So, you can have a very diversified professional life. I’ve constructed my professional life purposefully to give myself the opportunity to do a lot of different types of things, which I’ve been fortunate enough to have taken those opportunities as a psychologist. One of the reasons I’ve done that is because I’m not allowing myself to get trapped or obligated into seeing a full caseload of patients.

Behavioral Psychologist Focus in Select Fields

So, in order to do the different things available in the life, or the professional life, of a psychologist, it’s important to set limits with yourself. People have frequently asked about the financial opportunities for psychologists, and it’s really like anything else. Depending on how successful you are, how much you enjoy it and how much energy you have, income can range from a novice level, which is about fifty thousand dollars a year into seven figures.

This has been Dr. Robert Reiner from Behavioral Associates in New York talking to you about different careers in behavioral psychology. If you want more information about this, please go to

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