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Video:How to Perform the Pedigree

with Giovanni 'Romeo' Roselli

The Pedigree is a great finishing move that doesn't take long to learn. This video from will show you how to effectively, safely perform the Pedigree.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Perform the Pedigree

What's up everybody, my name is Giovanni Roselli, better known to the wrestling community as 'Romeo' Roselli, and I'm here at RingSport Gym in Palmer, Massachusetts. And right now I'm going to show you how to do the wrestling move, The Pedigree.

Setting Up the Pedigree

So the first position in a pedigree is, the opponent needs to be bent over. You could do this several ways; you could kick your opponent in the stomach, or you could just pick him up off the mat and then bend him over from there.

The beginning part of the pedigree is the opponent must be bent over. Once the opponent is bent over, you are going to drive his head between your legs and plant it firmly there so he cannot get out. You will take one arm and hook it underneath your arm.

Finishing the Pedigree

Take your other arm; hook it underneath his other arm. I will drop my body down, I will push my body up, and then I will drive his head into the mat, usually resulting in a pinning and winning combination.

And there you have it, that's how you perform the Pedigree. Triple H has put many guys away throughout the years with that maneuver. If you're interested in doing this move or any other professional wrestling move, make sure to please visit a reputable professional wrestling school. For more information on professional wrestling, please visit

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