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Video:How to Perform a Stone Cold Stunner

with Giovanni Roselli

The Stone Cold Stunner is powerful pro wrestling move popularized by legen Stone Cold Steve Austin. Learn how to perform this dangerous move in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Perform a Stone Cold Stunner

What's up everybody, my name is Giovanni Roselli, better known to the wrestling community as 'Romeo' Roselli, and I'm here at RingSport Gym in Palmer, Massachusetts for And right now, I'm gonna take you through how to perform the Stone Cold Stunner.

How to Perform a Stone Cold Stunner

To put my opponent in a Stone Cold Stunner, I will kick him in the stomach, just enough to bend him over as I turn away from my opponent, so my back is completely facing my opponent. From there, I will take both my arms, and reach around to grab the back of his head.

From there, I will drop down every so slightly, just to stand up to explode once again through my legs and hips as I drop my opponent's head across my shoulder as I drop down to my butt.  From there, your opponent will drop to his knees and will usually result in a pinning situation. Stone Cold Steve Austin: a legend in the business. 

The Stone Cold Stunner is a very dangerous maneuver. If you're thinking about performing that move, please make sure to visit a reputable professional wrestling school. 

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