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Video:How to Fall Safely

with Johnny Rodz

Professional wrestlers put on a good show when they fall down to the mat, but they've actually mastered the technique of falling and landing safely. Watch a lesson on falling at a wrestling school.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fall Safely

My name is Johnny Rodz, The Unpredictable One, from the world famous Gleason Gym in Brooklyn, NY. And this is how to do professional wrestling. Here we’re going to demonstrate how to do the fall safely.

Learn to Land Safely in a Fall

And we’re going to start with doing rolls, left and right up and down. And, lock ups and push, and here we go. Ok, he’s going to demonstrate a roll up and a roll down. And, we’re going to do now, a wrestling stand and a push off. I want you to follow the routine, please.

Use Drills to Falling Safely

Ladies and gentlemen. I want to introduce, the Musketeer Roger Kuhn, a WWW, ECWX Star, and he’s done it professionally and, to show you after we do all that, if I decided to give him from a lock up a line drive, this is what happens. And, if I decided to give him a hip toss, that’s why we did it, roll up roll down, with a break up and he’s in safe condition.

If he did not know how to fall safely, and somebody did it viciously like this, he will break his head. But because he kept his head up from the floor, he broke the fall to the side, he’s in safe condition.To learn more, visit us at the web site, About.com.

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