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Video:How to do the Sleeper Hold

with Johnny Rodz

A classic wrestling move, the sleeper hold is easy enough to learn, but it's important to do it safely. Watch how to put on a sleeper hold step-by-step, and see what safety precautions you should take.See Transcript

Transcript:How to do the Sleeper Hold

Here I am, the Unpredictable Johnny Rodz, here at the world famous Gleason's Gym. With the world of unpredictable wrestling for, we're going to show you how to do a sleeper hold.

The Sleeper Hold in Slow-Mo

Now, we have here Roger, The Musketeer, and we've got Jason Spark , Tristan Spade. And Tristan Spade is going to do slowly, just like two wrestlers standing there and you're going to quickly reach over, grab his arm and put it around to a sleeper hold. Because a sleeper hold, you can't do it real slowly. If you're really going to put somebody in a sleep because they're going to escape. So, you do it in slow motion so that everybody can see how it's done.

Reach over, spin him around, the left arm is going under his left arm and reach over and grab his (back of the head). Oh, he can still speak now, he's all wrapped up, and, on both sides, a little squeeze, and it's a sleeper hold. Let him go.

Sleeper Hold Variation

Now, from the same position here's one that I mastered from a long time ago. Normally wrestlers come at you from that stance, you can slap here, you can slap there. But, I want to slap and automatically I switch it around. I slowly go from left to left, under, behind. And I grab and I choke him over and …. Dead.

That's how I do slowly a sleeper hold. I'm going to do it again, one more time, so you can see slowly how it's put on. Again, from a standing position like wrestling. Just grab, swing, automatically over, the neck, grab your bicep. Squeeze, tilt back, with your stand, and, it's over.

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