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Video:History of Ring of Honor

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What is the Ring of Honor in wrestling? Watch this About.com video to learn all about it.See Transcript

Transcript:History of Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor (ROH) is an American professional wrestling promotion is the third largest professional wrestling promotion in the United States.

History of the Ring of Honor

In April 2001, the pro-wrestling video-distribution company RF Video needed a new promotion to lead its video sales when its best-seller — Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) went out of business, and the rights to its brand name were purchased by WWE. RF Video's owner, Rob Feinstein, decided to fill the ECW void by starting his own pro-wrestling promotion, and distributing its made-for-DVD/VHS productions exclusively through RF Video.

The first event, titled The Era of Honor Begins, took place on February 23, 2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the former home area of ECW. It featured nine matches, including a triple threat match between Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson and Low Ki (who would become known as the "founding fathers of ROH").

What Makes the Ring of Honor Different From Other Promotions

ROH distinguished its image from other wrestling promotions through the "Code of Honor", a set of rules dictating how wrestlers should conduct themselves during matches.

Rules of Ring of Honor

ROH considered it a moral requirement to follow these rules, which usually appeared in the following order:

  • You must shake hands before and after every match
  • No outside interference: no interfering in others' matches or having others interfere on your behalf
  • No sneak attacks
  • No harming the officials
  • Any action resulting in a disqualification violates the Code of Honor

On May 2, 2007, Ring of Honor announced the signing of a PPV and VOD deal with G-Funk Sports & Entertainment to bring ROH into homes with In Demand Networks, TVN, and the Dish Network.

ROH was featured in the 2008 film The Wrestler, where it promotes the final bout of the film between Randy "The Ram" Robinson (played by Mickey Rourke) and The Ayatollah (played by Ernest "The Cat" Miller).

Various Shows Under the Ring of Honor

ROH currently runs several wrestling shows each month throughout the midwest and on the east coast of North America. Annual shows include the Anniversary Shows, "Supercard of Honor", "Death Before Dishonor", "Glory by Honor", and "Final Battle.”

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