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Video:How to Do a Body Slam

with Johnny Rodz

The body slam is a move that wrestlers use on their opponents. This video shows how to do a body slam correctly.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Body Slam

Here I am, the unpredictable Johnny Rodz, here at the world's famous Gleason's Gym, with the world of unpredictable wrestling. And here, today, for, we're going to show you how we can demonstrate how to do a body slam.

Performing a Body Slam

We lock up first, I take my right arm and push your left arm over. Now that you're nice and safe right there, I would squat and notice that you already have a right arm on my hip on my body because you're looking to protect yourself and this is the best way to do it – for him to protect himself from me. I take my right arm and I put it right under, grab the left thigh and I squat, and it's better if you squat with me. And I will pick him up and I will lift him up, and place him perfectly in front of me.

And he also has, not like this, but feet flat on the floor.

You can do it as fast as you want, you can do it as hard as you want. But, because he knows how to do it, how to fall, you can see he landed and he's still alive.

Another Technique for a Body Slam

Now, I'm gonna demonstrate the other one that I mentioned that it was. A little different, it's picked up the same way only this time I will pick him up from the waist, like a sack, put him over my shoulder, and I can walk around town with him.

One, two, like I said, like that. Squat, but you don't do it that way this time, you do it this way. Hook him here, squat, lift him up, like a sack of potato.

Still, he can protect himself, but that's how a body slam is done, here at the world of unpredictable wrestling. To learn more, watch

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