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Video:Beginner's Wrestling Workout

with Giovanni Roselli

This beginner's wrestling workout will help you prepare for practicing pro wrestling moves. Watch this video to learn more about this great beginner's wrestling workout.See Transcript

Transcript:Beginner's Wrestling Workout

What's going on everybody!  My name is Giovanni Roselli, better known to the wrestling community as 'Romeo' Roselli,; and right here I'm at RingSport Gym in Palmer, Mass. for  And I'm gonna take you through a beginner's wrestler workout.  

Start a Beginner's Wrestling Workout With Ropes

The first exercise of the workout would be running the ropes. Running the ropes is good for cardiovascular conditioning as well as when your opponent grabs you and shoots you into the ropes so you don't stagger, fall and possibly trip. So what I wanna do is when I run into the ropes, I'm going to take my right hand out in front of me and reach for the ropes and grab the rope with my right hand. From there, I will sit back, mostly into my right hip, hit and spring off of the ropes and continue on running to the other rope as I once again grab it with my right hand, absorb it in my right hip, push off the ropes and go in the other direction. Do this back and forth three times.

Take a Buckle in a Beginner's Wrestling Workout

From there, run corner to corner, taking a buckle. This is beneficial because an opponent can potentially have you in a corner, grab you by the arm and shoot you in the opposite buckle. You want to try to absorb the force the best you can. So what you wanna do is, start in one corner of the ring. Run towards the other corner of the ring. When you get approximately a foot and a half away from the corner, you should turn your body. As you turn your body, you're completely facing the corner from where you were originally thrust from. From there, you sit back into the buckle to absorb the blow. Do this three times back and forth.

Run Into a Buckle in a Beginner's Wrestling Workout

The next exercise would be an addition to the previous exercise. I am still running corner to corner; however, to avoid getting my back to hit the buckle, I will continue running into the buckle and not turn. I will take both my hands on the top rope, grab them firmly, kick my legs up in the air and thrust myself back. This will be beneficial, as an opponent would shoot me into the ropes and run after me. From there, I can grab the top rope, shoot my legs up in the air to avoid my opponent as my opponent runs underneath me. Do this three times back and forth.

And there you have it, that's just a simple beginner's wrestler workout.  If you're interested in learning more about the art of professional wrestling, please make sure to visit a reputable professional wrestling school.  For more information on professional wrestling, please visit

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