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Video:Sweet Dance Moves for Prom

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Worried about hitting the dance floor at prom? No problem! Get your groove on and boogie down with the basics, and learn some classic moves.See Transcript

Transcript:Sweet Dance Moves for Prom

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for About.com. So you're hanging out in your rental tux, digesting a delicious dinner - you've already gotten your picture taken in front of a giant paper mache mermaid and said whatup to your crew, and your date turns to you and asks you the question you've been dreading all night: "you wanna dance?" But don't sweat it - you don't have to move like Michael Jackson or Madonna in order to impress your date with your sweet dance moves for prom. Check it out.

Keep It Fun

Above all else, have fun. The more you can relax and loosen up, the more likely you - and your date - are going to have a blast. Don't worry about what you look like - just pay attention to feeling great, and having a great time with your date.

Definitely don't be worried if you don't consider yourself a spectacular dancer, at least in the 'So You Think You Can Dance,' 'Dancing with the Stars' kind of way. What you lack in talent can always be made up for with enthusiasm, and being relaxed and self-confident will come across as cool, every time. Here are a few great tips to keep you on the right track, and a few dance moves you might want to bust out once you hit your groove.

Start Dancing

Start by finding a good spot to dance, and lead your date to the floor with authority. For most songs, you can hold your own simply by finding the beat. Start with your feet and hips and move up to your shoulders and head - loosen up and let your body feel the rhythm. Take a simple step to each side in time with the music, and try mixing it up with some steps to the front and back as well.

You might want to try grooving at half-tempo for a little bit, too - while everyone else is frenetically jerking themselves around the dance floor, you'll be kickin' a mellow vibe that just reeks of cool, and is easy to pull off. Once you get warmed up, throw in some well-timed pauses, and use facial expressions to add personality to your moves.

Moves to Avoid on the Dance Floor

Whatever you do, though, avoid the white man's overbite. Move your arms, too, and but definitely no continuous clapping, snapping, pointing, or air drumming.

On the subject of air instruments, I'd generally say steer clear, although you can definitely pull off a little air guitar solo with some classic tunes from the 80s. Just remember, this isn't guitar hero - it's prom.

Dance Moves to Try Out

If you're feel good and your date has a sense of humor, you might also throw a few of these classics into the mix: the running man, the moon walk, the kickworm (okay, maybe not the kickworm), the Vincent Vega, the matador, the Thriller, the Axl Rose, the Back The Bus Up, the Hammer, the Slim Shady, the Humpty Hump, the Butter Churn, and cutting off your hand and replacing it with a hook.

Finally, remember there's a big difference between being fun and cool, and being a spaz - keep an eye on your date and make sure she's having fun, too, and you'll be tearing up that dance floor all night long.

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