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Video:Slow Dancing Tips for Prom

with Jon Stewart

So you can pop it and rock out with the best of 'em, but what happens when the lights dim and the tempo slows down? Take a look at these tips, and be a slow-dancing at pro at prom in no time.See Transcript

Transcript:Slow Dancing Tips for Prom

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for If your time in Junior High was anything like mine, then there's probably some lingering anxiety inside you as you approach prom night about the old slow dance. Memories of awkward rejections, stiff embraces, and being shorter than your dance partner can leave you feeling a little clammy. But take a look at these tips and you too can become the slow dancing giant you see before you now. Check it out.

Start Dancing With the Right Attitude

Slow dancing at prom is about as technically difficult as walking, but there are a few things you should think about. First, be confident and relaxed, and really enjoy this time that you'll have alone with your date. I'm going to assume at this point that you actually like your date and that you are both interested in having a good romantic slow dance. If not, either go find someone you want to dance with, or hang out by the punch bowl and watch everyone else groove to 'How Deep is Your Love.'

Get Into Slow Dance Position

At prom, the most common position for a girl is to have her hands on her date's shoulders, and for a guy to have his hands on his partner's hips. Relaxing is the key once again, so be sure not to lock your elbows unless you're intentionally trying to keep your date at a distance. If you're both comfortable, you can of course move in closer and place your hands on the back of the guy's neck, or on the lower back of the girl.

Just be sure you're both on the same page here. Don't go grabbing anything inappropriately, and make sure you're both totally cool with however close you choose to dance. You should probably also make sure you adhere to your school's code about slow-dancing if any - as Sister Mary once said, make sure to leave room for the Holy Spirit.

Moving to the Music

As the music starts, get into the groove by simply swaying side to side and turning very slowly in a clockwise motion. Be sure not to step on your date's toes, and feel free to talk to your dance partner as you go. If you're both feeling really comfortable, don't hesitate to mix it up. Throw in some twirls or dips - just be careful not to drop your date on the floor. Which is never a good thing.

You can also feel free to hold hands with your outer hand (one partner's left and the other's right) - though this is definitely a little more on the old school side of things. Slow songs often come in pairs, so be ready to buckle down for some slow groovin - unless of course it's not going well, in which case you can always bow out.

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