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Video:How to Pin a Corsage for Prom

with Jonathon E. Stewart

If you have anxiety about stabbing your date while pinning on her corsage for prom, then take a look at these tips on proper corsage care and you'll be smooth like butter.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pin a Corsage for Prom

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90-second quick tip. There's nothing worse than starting off prom night by stabbing your date with a big pin - well, I guess stabbing your date's dad with a big pin could be bad, too, but you're probably not going to be pinning a corsage on him. But take a look at these simple safety tips and you'll have your date all flowered up and you'll be off to the gymnasium in no time. Check it out.

What is a Corsage?

The corsage originates in 19th century fashion, where it referred to the bodice of a woman's dress, its decolletage often accented by a bow or flower bud. Modern day corsages are generally a small cluster of flowers held together by floral tape at the stems, and pinned just below the collarbone.

If you're able to pull off this pinning business smoothly, you'll not only impress your date, but probably your date's parents, too. If you practice, and pay careful attention to placement, you won't have to worry about any inadvertent groping or touching, either.

How to Pin the Corsage

Start by aiming to pin your corsage on your date's right side, about four inches below the top of her shoulder. Start by placing the flowers against her dress, so the top angles just slightly to the right.

Next, very carefully push your pin IN through dress fabric to the left of the corsage, then back OUT through the fabric and into the corsage stem, close to the base where the flowers emerge from the floral tape. Once the pin is through the stem, push it back down into the fabric on the other side, and back out so that the tip of the pin rests on the outside of her dress.

Corsage Tips

And that's pretty much all there is to it. You might want to ask your florist (or mom) for an additional pin, especially if the corsage is a big one, to be used at the base of the stem in the exact same fashion for extra support.

Corsage Options

You might also want to check ahead of time and see if your date is planning to wear a strapless dress, in which case there won't really be all that much you can pin your corsage to. In this case, you should probably go for a wrist corsage, which eliminates any concern of stabbing all together. In a pinch you can also work an elastic hair tie or scrunchy in between the flowers and turn your traditional corsage into a wrist corsage as well.

Just remember not to pin anything onto her skin, which is really nothing but painful and messy. But most of all, remember to relax and have fun. If you have any trouble, your date's mom will likely be there to save you, and will appreciate you having gone to the lengths to give it a shot.

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