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Video:How to Clean a Printer and Scanner

with Michael Sanchez

Keeping your printers clean is integral in maintaining that their print and copy quality stays in top shape. In this video, learn how to properly clean your printer.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Printer and Scanner

Hello, my name is Michael Sanchez for Today I'll be showing you how to clean a printer and scanner.

A clean printer or scanner will help guarantee that all your copies and photos turn out crisp and clear.

Clean Printer with Damp Cloth

Start by opening the document cover and wiping the glass with a lightly dampened, lint-free cloth.

Next, wipe the underside of the cover as well with a lightly dampened, lint-free cloth. Printers and scanners vary from model to model and some machines might have other components that need wiping as well.

Dry Printer with Lint-Free Cloth

Once you've finished wiping the inside, wipe everything down again, this time with a dry lint-free cloth. When your printer or scanner isn't in use be sure and shut any doors and openings to keep unwanted dust and debris out.

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