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Video:Design an Original PowerPoint Slide Template

with Don Schechter

You can customize your next PowerPoint presentation by designing a unique slide template. See how to create your own slides in PowerPoint.See Transcript

Transcript:Design an Original PowerPoint Slide Template

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today, I'll show you how to create your own design template that you can apply to any Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Open PowerPoint Slide Master

First open a new project in PowerPoint. We'll start from scratch. Go to 'View,' 'Master,' and choose 'Slide Master.' Here make all the changes you want to apply to an entire presentation and use as a template for other presentations. If you want a title master slide, click the 'Insert New Title Master' button on the toolbox.

Create a Slide Background

I will add a background by going to 'Format and clicking Background. I'll go with a fill effect. It's simple and looks professional. Once you're done, click 'OK.'

If you chose to have a title master slide, then click 'Apply to All' to put the same background on your title slide.

Format a Chart Color Scheme

To work with color schemes for charts in your presentation, click 'Design' at the top of the screen. Now in the slide design pane on the right, click 'Color Schemes.' Select the color scheme that has the background that you just created.

Add an Original Color Scheme

You can choose any of these templates and be done, but we want to make something original. So, go to the bottom of the pane and click on 'Edit Color Schemes.' Here I'll just edit the title text color. Select it and click 'Change Color.' Click 'OK.'

To preview your new color choices, click 'Preview.' If you like your color scheme a lot, add it as a standard scheme that will appear in your color scheme task pane.

Change the Template Font

Change the font and other font options by selecting your text and going to 'Format,' 'Font.' I'll change the font, and I don't like the color anymore, so I'll change it again.

Add Bullets and Numbering

Change the bullets or numbering by selecting the text next to them and going to 'Format' and 'Bullets and Numbering.' Here you can change the type and color of the bullets.

Save the PowerPoint Master Slide

When you're done making your master slide, go to 'File' and choose 'Save As.' Type the name of your template and then in the 'Save as Type' box, click 'Design Template.' Click 'Save.' The template is then saved to the templates folder. Now when you open up Microsoft PowerPoint, your design will be in the slide design sidebar.

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