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Video:Make a PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz

with Don Schechter

Make your next PowerPoint presentation interactive by creating a multiple choice quiz. You can get the audience involved and test their comprehension using these easy steps.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a PowerPoint Multiple Choice Quiz

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for About.com Computing. Today I'll show you how to create a multiple choice interactive quiz using PowerPoint.

Start the PowerPoint Quiz

First, open PowerPoint. Create a new slide by clicking the 'New Slide' button at the top. Type in your question and answer choices into the first slide. You can move the text boxes wherever you want them.

Create Slides for Each Quiz Answer

Next, create a slide if someone chooses an incorrect answer. Create another slide if someone chooses the correct answer.

Make Slides for Each Quiz Question

Now, create a slide for the second question and its answer choices. Each question in your quiz must be followed by an incorrect answer slide, and then a correct answer slide. You must do it in this order so that when you choose a correct answer, you advance to the next question.

Copy the incorrect answer slide and paste it after the second question in the 'Slides' tab on the left side. Now copy the correct answer slide and paste it after the incorrect answer slide.

Link the Answer Slides to the Quiz Questions

To link the answer choices to the appropriate answer slides, go back to your first question. Go to 'Slideshow,' 'Action Buttons,' and choose 'Custom'. Click and drag a rectangle around your first answer choice. A window will appear.

Check 'Hyperlink To', and under the drop down menu, I'll choose 'Next Slide.' Since this answer is incorrect and the incorrect answer slides always follow a question, going to the 'Next Slide' is the best way to link them. Click 'OK.'

Make the Answer Links Transparent

Now to make the link transparent, right click it and choose 'Format Autoshape.' Change the color to 'No Fill' and click 'OK.'

The next answer choice is correct so the link will be different. Go to 'Slideshow,' 'Action Buttons,' and choose 'Custom.' Click and drag a rectangle around the next answer choice. The same window will appear. Check 'Hyperlink To,' and under the drop down menu, choose 'Slide.' Another window will appear with the outline of your quiz.

Choose the 'congratulations' slide that is after the question you want to link to. Click 'OK' twice. Don't forget to take away the fill color. Repeat these steps for all your answer choices. You might want to link your answers after you have finished all the slides in your quiz.

Loop Incorrect Answers Back to Each Question

To link the 'sorry' slide back to your question, go to 'Slideshow,' 'Action Buttons,' and choose 'Custom.' Click and drag a rectangle over the entire slide. A window will appear, Check 'Hyperlink to,' and under the drop down menu, choose 'Previous Slide.' Click 'OK.' Repeat this for all of your incorrect answer slides.

Choose a PowerPoint Quiz Background

Now to give your quiz a background, click the 'Design' button at the top. Backgrounds will appear on the right sidebar. Click one to apply it.

Preview the PowerPoint Quiz

To test the links in your quiz, click slideshow view at the bottom left side. Click on each answer to make sure it takes you to the appropriate answer slide.

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