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Video:How to Use the YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint 2010

with James Goodwin

Adding YouTube videos to PowerPoint 2010 presentations is easier in than ever before. This About.com video will teach you how to improve your PowerPoint presentations with YouTube videos.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint 2010

Hello, my name is James Goodwin, IT Specialist. On behalf of About.com, today I'm going to show you how to add a YouTube video to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

Now, you've made a very smart decision by trying to add a Youtube video your presentation. There are many benefits, mostly because PowerPoint presentations are rather boring. YouTube videos are a great way to spice that up! Let's go ahead and get started.

Choose PowerPoint Slide for Video

We have PowerPoint opened up right here. You're going to select the slide that you want to use. For me, this is slide one, "How to Add a YouTube Video to Your PowerPoint 2010 Presentation". Next, you're going to want to go and open up your browser to the YouTube video that you'd like to insert.

Find the Video on YouTube

Now beneath the YouTube video, you're going to see "Share". Click on that. After you've clicked on "share", you'll notice the word "Embed". Click on that, as well. Now you're going to get this code here and it should start with the words "object width". If it doesn't, then you probably haven't checked off "Use old embed code". That starts with "iframe" and that is not the HTML code that you want. So go ahead and make sure that it's checked and it starts with "object width". Select everything and copy.

Insert YouTube Video Embed Code

Go back to your presentation and click on the slide that you would like to insert the video into. Make sure that you click on "Insert", which is up here in the left-hand corner. Then move to "Video" and click the drop down menu. Click on "Video from website". Now it's going to ask you for the link to the video you've uploaded to a website. In this case, it's the embed code that we had just copied from our YouTube video. All I'm going to do is right-click and paste. That's the same code that we had grabbed from that YouTube video. I'm going to click "Insert". Wait a few seconds.

Test YouTube Video in PowerPoint Presentation

Now everything should work fine so I'm going to click on the video and pull up a real preview here. Let's see if it worked. Looks like everything is functional. Keep in mind that when you're doing your PowerPoint presentation, you will need Wi-Fi or internet access. Whether that's through a hotspot or you're tethering through your phone. It will definitely not work if you try to broadcast live or save the PowerPoint presentation as an actual file. Be sure that you will have Wi-Fi or internet access whenever you're delivering your PowerPoint.

My name is James Goodwin, IT Specialist. On behalf of About.com, I just showed you how to add a YouTube video to your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

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