How to Use the PowerPoint 2010 Multiple Choice Quiz Template Video
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Video:How to Use the PowerPoint 2010 Multiple Choice Quiz Template

with Brian Smith

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows contains multiple choice quiz templates that allow you to easily customize a quiz in different ways. Watch this tutorial from to see how to use PowerPoint's multiple choice quiz templates.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the PowerPoint 2010 Multiple Choice Quiz Template

Hello, I’m Brian Smith for here to show you how to create a Multiple Choice Quiz in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows.

Use a PowerPoint Template for Quizzes

 To begin, you’ll notice I have FILE selected at the top and am looking at the options under NEW.  We can create a new PowerPoint file from a local template but what I would like to do is use an template.  The one I’m looking for is under Forms so I’ll click on that… and click on Quizzes and Tests.  There are two Quiz templates to choose from.  I’m going to use the blue one called Multiple-Choice Quiz or Survey by double-clicking on it. 

A quick glance through the template slides and you’ll see some opening slides, individual questions slides where you can add your own question and where to put the correct answers.  Towards the end, there’s a closing and answer key. All that needs to be done now is modify the Title and Questions to fit your needs.

Modify the PowerPoint Quiz Template

I’m going to save this presentation and modify the slides and for time's sake, I’ll reduce this down to 3 questions and a bonus. OK, so let's take a look at the final Quiz.  You can see I modified the title slide, added the questions and answers and made sure my answer key at the bottom contained the correct answers. Be aware that from the Design Ribbon, you can further adjust the look of your Quiz by adjusting the Theme, colors and fonts to achieve the look that best suits your needs. 

Remember that a template is just that…  a quick way to start your project so feel free to mold it.  I hope these tips help you when creating a quiz in PowerPoint.

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