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Video:How to Make a PowerPoint Image Background Transparent

with Kostas Georgokitsos

Step-by-step tutorial on how to make an entire image or a single color transparent in PowerPoint 2010.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a PowerPoint Image Background Transparent

Hi, I'm Kostas Georgokitsos for Today I'll show you how to make a PowerPoint image background transparent.

Set a PowerPoint Clip Art Image Background Transparent

When you have a slide or slideshow with a particular color or theme, you want this background to be seen instead of the background of an inserted picture. To do this, go to the slide where you have inserted the picture and select it. The "Picture Tools" will show up. Open the "Format" tab. From the Color drop down menu, choose “Set Transparent Color”. Your mouse pointer will change. Go to the image and select the color that you want to set as transparent. You can only make one color transparent with this method. 

This is possible only for certain types of pictures with solid, single-shade colors, like many clip art or some .png images. It is not possible to change a single color to transparent in a photograph, which does not contain solid colors, but various shades of the same color instead. 

Set a PowerPoint Photograph Image Background Transparent

However, if you do want to set a photograph as background, you can make the entire image transparent. Go to the slide that you want to add the background to. Right-click on an empty area on the slide, and select Format Background. A dialogue box appears. Select "Picture or Text Fill", click "Insert From", "File". Choose a picture and click "Insert". Then select the appropriate transparency as the picture should not distract from the actual slide content. Click "Close".

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