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Video:How to Create a PowerPoint 2010 Family Tree Chart

with Dimitrios Siotas

Creating a PowerPoint 2010 family tree chart can be a fun, visual way to organize your ancestry. Learn how to create a family tree chart in PowerPoint 2010 with this video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Create a PowerPoint 2010 Family Tree Chart

Hi, I'm Dimitrios Siotas for Today I'll show you how to create a family tree in PowerPoint 2010 using the SmartArt Graphics tool.

Start With a Blank Slide to Create a Family Tree Chart

Use a blank slide as your template. Select the Insert tab and click on the Smart Art button. Select Hierarchy and choose the option on the upper left, which is the Organization Chart. Type the name of your family inside the box at the top and adjust its size. In the box below it, write the name of your oldest relative. Then click on the top box, go to the "Add Shape" button and open the scroll down menu.

Add Family Members When Creating a Family Tree Chart

Select "Add Assistant" to add the name of his spouse. Fill out the boxes in the 3rd row with the names of their children. Select "Add Shape After" or "Add Shape Before" to add a brother or a sister. Select "Add Assistant" to add someone who married into the family. Here's a trick: to add their child, do not click on the name which is inside the "Assistant Box." Instead, click on the name above it. And then select "Add Shape Below." If you need to delete a box, click on it and simply press the delete button on your keyboard.

Insert Pictures When Creating a Family Tree Chart

To insert the picture of a family member, click on the insert tab, go to picture, select the picture you want, insert it and resize it accordingly.You may also want to add a background. Go to the Design tab, choose the theme you like and adjust its color to your preference.

Change the Look of Your Family Tree Chart

As a final polish to your project, click on your Family Tree and you'll see the SmartArt tools tab appear on top of the Design and Format tabs. Click on it. This tool allows you to change the look of your chart by choosing among different layouts and SmartArt Styles, such as 3D options. Click on the Format tab to change the style of the boxes and that of the letters. Your family tree is ready!

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