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Video:How to Apply Animations in PowerPoint 2010

with Kostas Georgokitsos

Animations can be a great way to make your PowerPoint 2010 presentations more dynamic. Watch this how-to video from to learn how to apply, copy and modify animations in PowerPoint 2010.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Apply Animations in PowerPoint 2010

Hi, I'm Kostas Georgokitsos for Today I'll show you how to apply Animations in PowerPoint 2010.

Add Animations in PowerPoint 2010

Go to the slide that you want to add animations to. Open the Animations tab. Select the object that you want to animate and click on Animation Styles. There are many Entrance and Exit effects to choose from. Click on the one you like. To add a second animation to the same object, click on Add Animation and then on the effect you want. Press Preview.

If you want to apply the same series of animations to another object, first, click on the object that has the animations and then on the Animation Painter. Your mouse pointer will change into a brush. Click the object that you want to copy the animations to. The animations have been copied. 

Direct Animations in PowerPoint 2010

To delete an animation open the Animation Pane, which gives you fine-grained control over all the animations. Right-click on the animation you want to delete and click Remove. To change an animation, click on the object that has it, hit the Animation Styles button and select the new effect. 

You can change the direction of a particular animation style by clicking on Effect Options. Choose the direction that you want this animation to come from. In the same drop down menu, you have the additional option to change the type of Sequence. For example, you can make the element appear on the slide "As One Object" or "By Paragraph". Note that the animations appear in the order that you added them. To change this order, go back to the Animation Pane on the right and hold the Ctrl key. Select the group of animations that you want to move. Click and drag it to the position you want. 

Use the Animation Pane in PowerPoint 2010

In the Animation Pane you can also select each animation and fine-tune it regarding its timing: 

  • When it shall start
  • How long it will be visible, and
  • If there should be a delay applied

Thank you for watching. For detailed tutorials on other special features of PowerPoint 2010, visit us on the web at

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