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Video:Add Sound to PowerPoint

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A little sound can go a long way in a PowerPoint Presentation. This video will teach you how to add sound to PowerPoint slides.See Transcript

Transcript:Add Sound to PowerPoint

In this video, we'll be showing you how to add sound to your PowerPoint presentation. Whether you're preparing for a big meeting or finishing a homework assignment, a little sound can go a long way.

Play Sound Effects and Music in PowerPoint

Once you've opened PowerPoint, you'll have a few options for how you want your sound to play. You need to decide if you want sound or music to play the entire presentation or if you just want a few sound effects.  

How to Insert Sound Effects

Let's start with a sound effect. Take your mouse and click on the Home button and then Media button on your toolbar. If you don't have any toolbars, go to "Insert" and then click on "Audio". This tab should give you three options: "Audio Browser", "Audio from File", or "Record Audio".

If you have a sound file in mind that you want to use, go to "Audio From File" and select the file you wish to insert. In this case, we are inserting a file called "Baseball Game" - which is a background sound similar to what you would hear at a baseball game.

Customize PowerPoint Audio Player

One drawback to this is that a large audio player now appears. You can resize it if you like or right click and then "Format Picture". Here you can alter the speaker's appearance or make it completely transparent. You can also click on "Format Audio", click the Playback Options button and choose to hide the audio player. Just make sure you set your sounds to automatically play before you hide the player.

Insert Sound Effects With Buttons

Now, say you don't want the player or you want a sound to play without clicking. One way to do that is to right click on the sound player button and go to "Action Settings". Here you can change your sound from playing when it's clicked to playing when your mouse passes over the player.

Another way to add clickless sound is by clicking "Format Audio" and selecting the "Play Across Slides" option. This option will make short sounds play automatically and will also let you insert background music that plays throughout the presentation.

There's a lot you can do with audio - just make sure you always test to see if it's working before the big day. It's simple: just put your slideshow into presentation mode. You can do this by clicking on "Slide Show" and then on "Play From Start" or "Play from Current Slide" - whichever you need.

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