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Video:What is Molar Pregnancy?

with Dr. Hughan Frederick

Molar pregnancy is one of several related disorders of fertilization, which together make up the gestational trophoblastic diseases. Learn about molar pregnancy in this health video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:What is Molar Pregnancy?

Hi I am Dr. Hughan Frederick of Isis Ob Gyn here for About.com. Today we're discussing molar pregnancy.

What is Molar Pregnancy?

Molar pregnancy, or Hydatidiform mole, is one of several related disorders of fertilization, which together make up the gestational trophoblastic diseases (otherwise known as GTD). They are noninvasive, local tumors that develop as a result of an aberrant fertilization event that leads to a proliferative process in the uterus.

Complete Mole vs Partial Mole

Molar pregnancies can be divided into complete mole vs partial mole. A complete mole is derived from a pregnancy that is initiated with total parental DNA. That is for example, an egg that is fertilized by two sperm and the maternal's DNA was knocked out or an empty egg that was fertilized by one sperm and that one sperm's DNA was duplicated. This often results in the complete growth of tissue in the uterus with no fetal parts. This growth is dangerous because it can lead to bleeding and if left untreated can turn into a cancer.

A partial mole is derived when there is an aberrant mistake with fertilization that may lead to having a fetus but another growth alongside. Patients who have therapies for molar pregnancies should be monitored for a year and should not get pregnant during that year as pregnancy can further confound the situation to figure out whether this person's developed a cancer or not.

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