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Video:Sex Life During Pregnancy

with Dr. Stuart James Fischbein

Can a pregnant woman have sex is a common question. Watch this health video from to learn more about a woman's sex life during pregnancy.See Transcript

Transcript:Sex Life During Pregnancy

Hello I’m Dr. Stuart James Fischbein. I’m a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My website is and I’m here today on behalf of to discuss your sex life in pregnancy.

Sex During Pregnancy is a Common Question

As an obstetrician practicing for more than 25 years this is a very common discussion that comes up during pregnancy. Some women are afraid to discuss it and other women want to know everything about it. So today I’m going to give you a little information to help make it easy for you to ask these questions of your physician and to talk to your partner about them.

Rule of Thirds in Sex Life During Pregnancy

First of all, pregnancy is not a disease. It is a normal condition of a female’s body. So you can have sex just like you would if you weren’t pregnant. We call it in medical school a Rule of Thirds. About 1/3 of women have a higher libido in pregnancy, about 1/3 of women have a lower libido in pregnancy, and about 1/3 will be unchanged. Just know that if you enjoyed sex before and you don’t enjoy sex during pregnancy that it will come back afterwards.

No Restrictions on Sex While Pregnant

There is really no restriction on you having sex in pregnancy in a normal fashion, unless you are told by your practitioner for certain conditions that would imply that maybe sex is not warranted. Those conditions include things like unexplained bleeding in the first or second or even third trimester, premature rupture of membranes, a history of previous pre-term birth, or something called an incompetent cervix, where your cervix is slowly giving way.

If you have had pre-term labor that required you to be hospitalized your doctor may recommend that you don’t have sex for the remainder of the pregnancy. Sometimes after an episode of bleeding, he may say that if everything is well after 2 weeks, and things are fine, that you can resume normal activity.

Sex Does Not Hurt the Baby

Sex does not hurt the baby. The baby came from having sex. When you’re happy, your baby is happy. When your husband’s happy your baby is happy. So, it’s very safe and very normal for you to want to have sex in pregnancy and I believe that there is no real restriction for you.

Again, this is Dr. Stuart James Fischbein. Thank you so much for watching. If you want more information you can visit us online at

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