Pregnancy and Car Travel - Tips for Comfortable Car Trips While Pregnant Video
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Video:Pregnancy and Car Travel

with Kathy Moore

Car travel during pregnancy can be uncomfortable at times. These tips will guide you through proper seat belt use during pregnancy, and also offer some ideas on making your car rides easier.See Transcript

Transcript:Pregnancy and Car Travel

Hi! I'm Kathy Moore for Parenting. As you grow throughout your pregnancy, it is important to be properly secured in the car, both for your safety and comfort. This program will show how to position a car seat belt and offer a few tips on staying comfortable during long car rides.

Positioning the Seatbelt During Pregnancy

A seat belt is a lifesaver, if positioned correctly. Always buckle up with the waist belt as low as possible. The belt should be placed below your belly and directly across your hips, not across the belly. If you are wearing a coat or heavy clothing, be sure they do not allow the seat belt to slide up on your belly.

The shoulder strap should ride between your breasts. If the shoulder belt is near your neck, reposition your seat or seat belt so it is more comfortable.

Plan Frequent Rest Stops

If you will be traveling a long distance in the car, be prepared to stop every few hours, not only for bathroom breaks, but also to walk around a bit. Sitting may make your ankles or feel swell and can cause leg cramps.

Car Travel and Circulation

If you are the passenger, take your shoes off and recline your seat a bit. Frequently rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. This will help your circulation.

A kicking fetus may also provide discomfort if you cannot reposition yourself. Getting up and walking around usually alleviates this problem.

Pregnancy and Body Temperatures

Lastly, dress in layers. Your body temperature is bound to be different than everyone else in the car. So be prepared to add or remove layers to keep your cool.

Your belly is designed to provide a cushion around your growing baby. So, the best way to protect your baby in a car is to protect yourself. Always buckle up. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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