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Video:Home Pregnancy Test Basics

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Home pregnancy tests are a common way to determine if you may be pregnant in the comfort of your own home. Learn the basic and what to expect after you purchase one from a drug store.See Transcript

Transcript:Home Pregnancy Test Basics

Hi! I am Dr. Alyssa Dweck.  I am a board certified OB-GYN here in New York.  I am here for About.com today to talk to you about home pregnancy test basics. 

The Basics

Who usually takes a home pregnancy test?  Typically, somebody who misses their period, in addition if somebody is having symptoms of pregnancy, they may go out and get a home pregnancy test.

Most home pregnancy tests are quite accurate.  They typically test a chemical in your urine called HCG.  This can usually be detected 10 to 14 days after conception.  So many women can find a positive pregnancy test will occur a day or two after they missed their period. 

You can get a home pregnancy test in many different stores, grocery stores, drug stores, online, and many variety stores.  Pregnancy test can cost anywhere from a couple of dollars to $20 depending on the type and brand.

Reading the Results

Over the counter pregnancy tests are typically very easy to read.  Some of them even have a plus sign if it’s positive or a negative sign if it’s negative. 

It usually requires you to take several drops of your first morning urine, place it into a small test kit and wait a particular amount of time to wait for the result.  Please follow the instructions carefully on whichever test you choose as they can vary.

Pregnancy Blood test

Some women will need to get a pregnancy blood test instead of a urine test.  This gives a more accurate and definitive numerical description of the amount of pregnancy hormone we have.  We usually see this number double every 48 hours. 

It is helpful to check blood pregnancy tests when following somebody for a suspected ectopic pregnancy or possible miscarriage. 

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