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Video:Are You Having a Boy or Girl?

with Dr. Stuart James Fischbein

Whether you're having a boy or girl, learning the sex of your new baby is very exciting. Watch this video to learn about ways to know if you're having a boy or girl.See Transcript

Transcript:Are You Having a Boy or Girl?

Hello I'm Dr. Stuart James Fischbein, a fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My website is and I'm here today on behalf of to discuss the question of whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Gender of a Baby: Boy or Girl?

Many of us have heard wives tales or rumors or hearsay or just things from family members and friends about the way of predicting whether you are having a boy or girl just by certain external factors. Some people say if you're carrying the baby in such and such a position that you're going to have a girl or a boy. Often it's said that if the baby's heartbeat is fast it's a girl and if it's slow it's a boy or maybe I got it backwards. All I know is that those things don't hold true in my experience, which is extensive over the last 30 years of practicing OB/GYN.

How to Know If You're Having a Boy or Girl

When a baby is moving, its heart rate is fast when the baby is sleeping the heart rate is slow, so if you expect a baby boy's heartbeat to be faster than a girl's heartbeat but the girl's awake but the baby boy is asleep then that makes no sense whatsoever. As far as the way babies are carried I think it varies depending on the shape of the women, which pregnancy it is, and if people want to play those sort of fun games with you and your family I think there's no harm done in it. I think it's very entertaining people can take bets, that's sort of a common thing, but if you really want to know the sex of your baby then you can come in and you can get an ultrasound.

Using Ultrasound to Find the Sex of Your Baby

The best time to do an ultrasound which not only can tell the sex of your baby but can look at other anatomic factors so it will be most economical to get everything done at one time would be at about 20 weeks so you can come in at 20 weeks and see that the baby's anatomy is normal, you can determine that the baby's sex is a boy or a girl and then you can pretend that you didn't have the ultrasound and then go home and play games with your family members and take bets. Another rumor that I hear sometimes is that if you're having acne in your pregnancy that you're having a girl and the reason being is that they say that the baby girl is stealing your beauty.

Female Babies

While that may be fun to listen to and sort of amusing, it isn't necessarily so. Acne in pregnancy does occur whether you are having a female or male baby. I don't believe it's worse in my experience when you're having female babies. Some people are just prone to acne just like they're prone to develop stretch marks or more swelling or those sorts of things and it isn't necessarily a sign that you're having a girl. So ultrasound tells you for sure other things are for fun.

Again I'm Dr. Stuart James Fischbein. Thank you so much for watching. If you'd like to learn more visit us online at

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